Globe: the DMS software for the intelligent archiving and management of documents, information and processes


Globe is more than just a simple archiving and document management software: it is a complete platform for intelligent management of processes and information related to all your business documents. We call it "Document Intelligence.

Globe overcomes the traditional concept of DMS, considered as a mere document container: our software is able to give life to the document, giving priority to the information contained therein and making the most of it to offer a pleasant and efficient user experience.

Thanks to Globe, besides dematerializing all your paper documents, you can easily search and find the right document at the right time, analyze information, organize and manage document processes by also involving non-business actors (such as business partners) and consult all of your documents even when you are out of the office.


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Why choose Globe Document Intelligence?

Proper document management is the key to better and more efficient organization of any business.

By relying on an intelligent document management platform like Globe, you can cut unnecessary costs and waste related to traditional paper document management, tangibly increase productivity, and eliminate activities with little (or no) added value.

Globe guarantees maximum security in document management and minimal learning effort due to its ease of use.

Through a simple but powerful configuration environment it fits quickly to any business reality, integrating with great ease and minimal effort with any information system already existing into the company.

The benefits of its use can be appreciated even after a few days from its installation.


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