An ERP solution made in Italy highly appreciated is the one created by our partner Centro Software: SAM ERP2.

That's why we decided to create an add-on that allows you to easily integrate Globe's digital storage functions into SAM ERP2: SAM-Globe integration allows you to cut down the printing, management, and maintenance costs of your archives, not only for documents created by the ERP but also for all received documents.


All documents issued by SAM ERP2 are immediately uploaded to Globe, especially at printing time, when the state of the document is changed, when a PDF is created and when the document is sent via e-mail.

You will then be able to view all the documents created in SAM ERP2 and archived in Globe, directly from SAM, thus releasing the desks from paper documents: for example, you will be able to view the shipping documents while you register the purchase invoice inside SAM ERP2. The same applies to documents received for a document issued, such as order confirmation. The type and number of received documents can be configured.

integrazione globe sam visualizzazione

Globe is also able to recognize any barcode that is affixed to the received paper document in order to automatically associate the scanned image with the registration or load record in SAM ERP2. Archiving the document inside the DMS can be done before registration in the information system or later (a priori vs. a posteriori scanning).

barcode sam globe