In addition to the traditional Windows client or Web client, Globe is also available through App, both for smartphones and tablets. Thanks to the Globe App you will always have all your documents available wherever you are, at the exact time you need to consult them.

The App is available both for Android and iOS and it can be downloade from Play Store or App Store.

The main screen of the Globe App is divided into three sections: Management of Tasks in progress, Documents, Actions.


Documents management with the Globe App

The "Documents" section allows you to view and manage all documents stored in Globe.

app globe griglia documenti2022

When opening a document within the Globe App, the user will have several possibilities of interacting with it:

  • View and execute workflow tasks associated with the document and consult the history of previous tasks.
  • Execution of customized "Actions" for each specific document template (eg send e-mails, sign the document, etc.)
  • Consultation of:
    • Properties of the document
    • linked Dossiers
    • linked DataViews
    • Attachments
    • Signed copy
    • Events
    • Links to other documents

There is also the possibility to:

  • add the document to your favorites
  • download the document
  • share it in external apps
  • send it by e-mail
  • consult the contact associated with the document



Through the App it is possible to launch customized actions, which can be customized from the Globe Console.


9globe app azione foto colli10globe app azione scansionedocglobe app azione geolocalizzazione


For example, it is possible to configure an action that, through the Globe App, allows you to photograph the packages to be shipped, read the associated barcode and enter any additional information.

In addition, through actions you can take one or more photos of a document to scan it: the Globe App creates a PDF file with the various pages of the document scanned by camera. The photos are straightened and optimized by the App, with the ability to reorder the pages and edit them through the integrated editor.

Within the actions, it is also possible to take advantage of the geolocation functionality to record the user's position.


Other examples of actions that can be configured in the App are: making an action available to employees to enter a vacation request, generate an intervention report or plan an activity at a customer's site.


The actions that have been loaded at least once with the device connected to internet can be subsequently launched even in the absence of connectivity (offline actions): the action is queued and will be processed automatically when the internet connection becomes available.


Tasks management

The "Pending Tasks" section shows all the workflow tasks assigned or assignable to the user, with the ability to apply filters (by type of task, time, etc.)
Furthermore, as for documents, there is the possibility to search within the tasks, using different search keys (eg. The company to which the task refers, the document name, the date, etc.)

app globe nuovi task2022   app globe filtri task2022

When selecting a Task, the screen is divided into two parts:

  • the upper part shows all the information regarding the document involved in the task and the actions that can be performed by the user for the specific task (eg. take charge, assign the task to a colleague, final report, sign via link, etc.). Also, if the task is part of a more complex workflow, the workflow step that preceded the current task is shown.
  • at the bottom a PDF preview of the document is shown.

It is also possible to view a history with the outcome of previous tasks, indicating what type of task was performed, by whom and when and open the document to which the task is linked.

8globe app gestione task  


Contact details 

app globe anagrafica2022From the "Contacts" section you can consult the contacts present in Globe, divided by type (eg Customers, Employees, Suppliers, Prospects ...).

Once the contact has been selected, there is the possibility to perform some quick actions:

  • initiation of a phone call from the device in use
  • sending an e-mail from your e-mail app
  • geolocation and opening of the address in a navigation app (eg. Google Maps)
  • visualizzazione dei documenti associati al contatto, suddivisi per tipologia

It is also possible to consult information regarding the other operating offices of the contact, the names associated with it and related details (eg company role, e-mail, telephone, etc.) and other additional information relating to the contact.




Even the Dossiers, the digital equivalent of paper files, can be consulted as in the Globe Windows Client. Once the Dossier of interest has been selected, all the documents contained within it are shown, divided by type (eg. Customer calls, contracts, user licenses, orders, invoices, etc.).

It is also possible to view the Dossiers and DataViews linked to the selected dossier, the available actions and the data of the contact to which the dossier is linked.

app globe dossier202215globe app dossier2




Also from the App it is possible to consult the DataViews, graphical and interactive representations of the information present both in the document keys and in external data sources.

The types of Dataview that can be consulted from App Globe are:

  • data grid: filters and sorts can be applied; furthermore, using drag & drop, it is possible to group the data at will. Groupings and filters applied to the grid are also applied to charts.
  • app globe griglie dati2022graphs: the types available are the same as those of the Windows client, i.e. pie, bar, line, etc. The user has the possibility to select different levels of depth of the data: with a double tap on the part of the graph of interest, it is possible to deepen a specific aspect (for example by selecting the product X I will be able to see how many activities each person has carried out relating to that product).

17globe app dataview tort217globe app dataview torta1

There is also the possibility to increase / decrease the zoom on the graph, and scroll along the summary bar to view more data. All graphics are fully customizable from the Globe Console.

18globe app dataview barre19globe app dataview barre