In addition to the traditional Windows client or Web client, Globe is also available through App, both for smartphones and tablets. Thanks to the GLobe App you will always have all your documents available wherever you are, at the exact time you need to consult them.

The App is available both for Android and iOS and it can be downloade from Play Store or App Store.

The main screen of the Globe App is divided into three sections: Management of Tasks in progress, Documents, Actions.

Management of Tasks in progress

In the "Task In Progress", all tasks assigned or assignable are shown to the user, with the ability to apply filters (by type of task, time etc.)
The App also gives you the ability to search within tasks, using different search keys (eg. company, document name, date, etc.).

task in corso app globe ios

When the user selects a Task, a screen divided into two parts is shown:

  • at the top are shown all the information regarding the document involved in the task and the actions the user can perform for the specific task (eg. take in charge, assign the task to a colleague, summarize report, signature by link etc.). Moreover, if the task is part of a more complex workflow, the action that preceded the current task will be shown.
  • at the bottom, it is shown a preview of the PDF document. Clicking on the preview you can view the entire document and zoom at will.

Also you can view a history with the outcome of the previous tasks, indicating what type of task has been performed, by whom and when, and open the document to which the task is attached.

gestione task workflow app ios tablet 


The "Documents" section allows you to view and manage all documents stored in Globe. The menu structure reflects the one in the Globe Windows Client, including Data Views, Actions, Task folders and the Dossiers.

As for the tasks it is also possible to search for documents in the menus, using different search criteria (name of the document, customer, date ...)

ricerca documenti app globe ios

Launching Actions

In the same way as in the Globe Windows Client, also through the App the user can launch Actions from the menu items. For example, you can open a support call, generate a report or schedule an activity with a customer.

azioni app globe android   genera rapportino di intervento globe app android


Even from the App you can see the DataViews, as in the Globe Client. There is the ability to view:

  • The data grid: the user can apply filters and sorts; furthermore, using drag & drop, you can group the data at will. The groupings and filters applied to the grid will then also be applied to charts.

griglia dati app globe ios

  • Graphs: the types available are the same as in the client, ie pie charts, bars, lines, etc. The user has the option to select different levels of depth of the data: with a double tap on the part of the graph that interests you, you can examine a specific aspect (such as selecting product X I can see how many activities every technician carried out for that product; in turn, selecting a technician I can see in which companies the activities were carried out).

grafici liv1 app globe iosgrafici liv2 app globe iosgrafici liv3 app globe ios

There is also the possibility to increase / decrease the zoom on the chart, and scroll through the summary bar to view more data. All graphs are fully customizable by Globe Console.

grafici zoom1 app globe iosgrafici zoom2 app globe ios


Even the Dossiers can be viewed as in the Windows Client. Once selected the Dossier of interest, will be shown all the documents in it, broken down by type (eg. Customer calls, contracts, licenses, orders, invoices etc.). You can also view the  connected Dossiers and DataViews.

dossier app globe ios tablet        documenti dossier app globe android

Task Folders

You can also view the Task folders, in which all tasks fulfilling certain conditions are collected (eg. all the related tasks related to customer calls). Tasks can be organized using custom filters.

cartella task aiuto configurazione globe app android


From this section of the App you can make several actions, customizable from the Globe console.

For example the user could open a support call, schedule a task to be carried out for a customer or enter a request for holidays.

menu azioni app globe android       inserisci rischiesta ferie globe app android


The document inside the Globe App

When opening a document within the App, the user will have different possibilities of interaction with it:

  • If the document is associated with tasks, they could be displayed and completed by selecting "Task" in the lower menu bar. Also you can view the history of previous tasks.

task documento app ios tablet

  • Selecting "Document", however, you can view the properties of the document, the linked Dossiers, the related DataViews, the signed copy and the links.
    The "Open..." function also allows you to download the document and open it in an external application (eg. iBooks).

proprieta documento 2 app ios tablet

  • In the "Actions" section, custom actions can be entered for each specific document template (eg. send E-mail, close call etc.)

azioni documento app globe android