Globe can also be used via web client from Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Edge browsers.

From the web client it is possible to manage documents and processes from the browser, even when you cannot connect to the company network or do not have your own workstation available.


1globe web griglia documento


Creating a Document with Globe Web

From the web client it is possible to create new documents, from a template (Word, Excel ..), to import a document from your PC (also via Drag & Drop) or to take advantage of the function that allows you to obtain self-generated documents starting from the data compiled in a form.


2globe web crea documento 3globe web crea documento

Search for a document in Globe Web

Globe's search engine allows you to perform free searches or with the addition of filters, global searches or within a specific type of document.


4globe web cerca documento 5globe web filtri


Consult and manage a document with Globe Web

As for the desktop client, by selecting a document from the list it is possible to view a preview of it, the associated tasks, the other documents connected via links, the dossiers in which it is included, the attachments and associated events (e.g. sending via e-mail of the document).

6globe web anteprima documento


Once the document is open, from a single screen you can:

  • Vew the document
  • Consult the Dossiers in which it is inserted
  • View the DataViews associated with it
  • Send the document by e-mail thanks to the advanced module for sending management (ability to send the original document or PDF copy, create zip, share via link with tracking, etc.)
  • Download the document
  • View and edit properties
  • Launch the actions available for the specific type of document
  • View the signed copy of the document
  • Edit the document locally or in the Cloud (Dropbox and Onedrive).


7globe web gestisci documento 8globe web modifica documento cloud 9globe web invio email


Manage workflow tasks from Globe Web

Also from the web client it is possible to view and manage the tasks in progress, as in the desktop version of the software. When a task is selected, the actions that can be performed are shown and there is the possibility to consult the history.


10globe web cartella task 11globe web gestione workflow 12globe web gestione workflow2

Consult and manage contacts

Also from Globe web, as from desktop and app, it is possible to consult and manage contacts.

From the contact's master data, in addition to being able to consult all the associated information (personal data, operating units / offices, names, additional information), it is also possible to quickly view all the documents, dossiers and Dataviews associated with that contact, as well as launch specific customized actions.

13globe web anagrafica contatti 14globe web anagrafica documenti azioni

Data Views

As in the desktop client, the DataViews can be consulted, applying filters to the data and selecting different levels of depth of analysis of the information represented.

15globe web dataview



To always guarantee maximum security in the management of corporate documents and maximize performance, for the use of the Globe Web client it is also necessary to have an SSL certificate issued by a recognized authority (eg RapidSSL).