Globe can also be accessed via web clients from Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Edge browsers.

The graphical interface is very similar to that of the traditional desktop client and the folder tree reflects that of the desktop version.

client web globe 4.4

How to create a document

To create a new document there are several options: by right-clicking and selecting the menu item "New ..." (with the possibility of using a document template) or by dragging and dropping.


client web nuovo documento opzioni globe 4.4 proprieta documento globe web

How to search for a document


The search engine allows you to perform free searches or with the addition of filters, global searches or within a specific template.


client web ricerca globe4


Open a document

By selecting a document from the list in the document grid, you can preview it.


client web anteprima documenti globe 4.4



You can choose whether to see a preview of the document, view the Dossier in which it is inserted or the DataView associated with it. You can also view and edit properties, view the signed copy and the available actions for the document and download/export the document to edit it. To edit a document it will be sufficient to export it locally or to Dropbox and once the changes have been completed, re-import it.

As in the Desktop client in the right menu are the menus concerning the tasks involving the document, the links, the linked files, the attachments and the events associated with it.

client web documento globe4.4



Manage tasks in progress

Also from the web client it is possible to view and manage the tasks in progress, as in the desktop version of the software. When a task is selected, the executable actions are shown and there is the possibility to consult the history.

client web task globe 4.4




Customer registry

Information regarding the customer is retrieved from the customer registry, which can be created in Globe or read from the system.

client web anagrafica clienti globe 4.4




The Dossier is also available in the web version, ie collections of related documents (eg all documents concerning a specific customer, a specific order, an employee, etc.)

client web dossier globe 4.4



Data View

As in the desktop client, DataViews can be consulted, also applying data filters.

client web dataview globe 4.4 nonomi



To always guarantee maximum security in the management of company documents, it is a prerequisite to use an SSL certificate issued by a recognized authority (eg RapidSSL) to use the Globe Web client.