The Globe DMS allows you to easily acquire and archive all your business documents, both in digital and paper format.
The sources from which Globe can retrieve documents are:
  • File system (e.g. a PDF invoice)
  • Scanner (twain or multifunction printer)
  • E-mail or Certified Email connectors
  • MS Office
  • Email Clients
  • Sendy or Station, by activating a specific integration
  • Virtual Printer
  • WebServices
  • Drag&Drop from local or network folders, from email client etc.

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It is possible to arrange documents into the repository, associating them to specific types and enhancing the related keywords. The latter can be extracted from the document or read from external sources (e.g. from the ERP database, indexes files).

Inserting search keys associated with the document allows you to search for the documents you need quickly and easily: thanks to the powerful Globe search engine you will always find the right document at the right time!

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Globe also allows to set and manage the expiration/validity date of documents, giving the opportunity to set up automated alerts and workflows that are triggered once they reach the expiration of the document.

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All documents stored inside Globe can also be viewed from smartphones and tablets via the Globe App: the app lets you easily search, view and manage your documents anytime, wherever you are.

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