When it comes to business documents, it becomes crucial to be able to analyze the related information and processes, also through graphics and histograms.

The Data Views tool integrated into Globe DMS, allows to represent in a graphic and interactive way information present both in the documents keys both in external sources, creating dashboards or indicators in a simple and intuitive way.

The user can "explore" the data by choosing how much to enter in detail, thanks to the multiple explosion levels of the charts. In addition, Globe provides the ability to apply filters to analyze specific data sub-sets.

grafici dataview globe 4.4
 Data Views can be hooked up to a Dossier (creating charts linked to a particular customer/vendor, for example) and to document types (for example, I could create a chart linked to a Non-Compliance).
dataview dossier globe 4.3
The user also has the ability to view and consult DataViews via smartphones or tablets, using the Globe App.
grafici liv1 app globe ios