The Globe software includes a Document Distribution feature, which allows the various departments to distribute documents in a massive way and monitor their opening.

When one of the offices (eg administration, sales, marketing, HR, etc.) needs to distribute a document, it will follow some simple steps:

  • Right click on the document to be distributed and select the "Documents distribution" action
  • Set recipients, which can be individual users or specific Distribution Lists. The lists are self-powered, the users are updated automatically through association with Active Directory Groups
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  • Proceed to distribution. You can enter a note that will appear in the e-mail notification automatically sent to recipients. You can also view the document via a browser, by clicking on the link in the notification email, without needing to access Globe.
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  • If a document is re-distributed, you can choose to send it only to new users
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  • Once distributed, a Distribution event is associated with the document: by clicking on the event, the user can view all the details of the distribution (for example, who viewed the document and when).
  • By right clicking on the distributed document and selecting the menu item "Document distribution" - "Distribution result" I will be able to see the results of all the distributions associated with that specific document.


Globe allows you to easily monitor documents distributed via two menu items:

  • Documents for me: in this section every user can view all the documents distributed to him/her
  • Distributed documents: in this section the user can view the documents he has distributed and a preview of the status.

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There is also the possibility to cancel a distribution, both for an entire list and for a single user: the cancellation causes the selected user to no longer be able to view the document previously distributed to him.