The document intelligence software Globe includes a powerful documents sending engine that can handle automatic or manual sending flows, providing also scheduling
Documents can be sent by:
  • Traditional E-mail.
  • E-mail with Links, that allow to monitor the effective opening of the document by the recipient.
  • Certified Email, with the complete management and archiving of receipts of acceptance / delivery / non-delivery.
  • Fax, by using external fax servers.
  • Mailing Services, through integration with external providers.
  • Company portal.

 In Globe, the user can also choose whether to send the original document or its PDF image (whether it is a document generated by Office templates) or the signed copy and group multiple documents by compressing them into a ZIP archive.

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If other documents/emails have been attached to the document selected for sending the mail, then the user can choose whether and which of these attachments should be sent along with the document. The same applies to documents linked to it.