Legal Archiving

Legal electronic archiving of documents, provided by the Italian law, is right now an hot topic for companies.
Nevertheless the document archiving and the ability to dematerialize these documents are two different activities.
The dematerialization of paper documents provides that the company fulfills a series of regulations before the physical destruction of documents, in order to ensure the reproducibility and the uniqueness of the document itself.
The electronic archiving, for the Italian rules, involves a series of activities and responsibilities that companies can delegate to a third party.
In particular, the legislation makes valid the editing, transmission and archiving of documents in electronic format for both statutory and tax purposes, provided that they guarantee essential requirements such as:
  • Integrity
  • Non-modifiability
  • Authenticity of the origin
  • Availability of data over time
The choice we have done with Globe is to assign the electronic archiving to certified service providers, which provide the best guarantees in terms of reliability and competence.
Globe is already integrated with different certificated providers, and through a specific module it manages the transmission and verification of the success of the preservation process.
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