In the management of business documents it is often necessary to link different documents that belong to the same process. A classic example is the order confirmation linked to its invoice and delivery note.
This connections chain makes it very quick and neat the navigation within the DMS.

The DMS Globe handles the automatic or manual creation of links between documents.

In the case of management documents, namely the active and passive cycle, the links often already exist within the ERP and therefore Globe will be able to read that information to recreate the structure inside itself.

In other cases it is possible to quickly create links manually: while sending a document, for example via e-mail, it is possible to send quickly an entire block of related documents (e.g. order confirmation, signed delivery note, invoices).

24globe link2022


Globe 4 in addition to the concept of link, also uses the Dossier concept: a Dossier is a group of heterogeneous documents linked to each other by a specific common point of view (e.g. all those documents regarding a scpecific Business Partner, a product Serial Number etc.)

Different types of Dossier will be automatically linked to each other if the same document belongs to multiple Dossiers.

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