Registering documents means to assign a unique identification code to each (both for incoming and outgoing documents) at the time of inclusion inside the document management system.

With regard to incoming documents, there are two options:

  • If the document was received in paper form, a label containing a barcode, reference number, receiving date, and other configurable information is printed. This label is placed on the first page of the document, which will then be scanned.
  • If the document was received by e-mail, it will be digitally saved in Globe, which will assign the appropriate reference number.

The received documents are then sent to the recipients: Globe notifies each document to the correct recipient, which can then take the necessary action on the document and report its completion. If a document is misdirected to a recipient, he/she will be able to reject it and notify the anomaly through Globe.

For outbound registrations, Globe can set up a specific Workflow that guides the user step-by-step in carrying out the actions needed to record and send the document.

Anyway Globe will keep track of all of the process times.