Sendy is a Globe module  completely dedicated to Document Composition: it trasforms data generated or received from the ERP in tidy documents, with an accurate graphic template and completely manageable in an automated way.

Sendy is the ideal product to cut times for the production of documents, combining increased efficiency with the guarantee of a solid structure, able to handle huge amounts of data and of keeping the visual appearance.

Unlike other products in the same category, Sendy does not conclude its work in the mere printing: every document can be sent to multiple recipients, archived, becoming a new source for further processing.

Printing functions

  • Graphic printing: thanks to the document composition tools, which operate either by the remapping of the spool fields and with the overlapping of graphic elements, it is able to get an accurate, homogeneous and complete management of the visual aspects of the document.
  • Printing via http: ability to print to remote printers connected via web.
  • Support of thermal printers: thermal printer management as it was a normal system printer, ensuring for each one the same layout.


sendy spool stampa sendy template PDF designer

sendy anteprima output documento



  • E-mail: sending of automated e-mails, if necessary with .pdf, .xls, .xml, and all other supported formats files attached.
  • Fax: sending automation.
  • Web: each document can be published on the web in HTML, XML and PDF.
  • Postel e Selecta: new Postel e Printel MPX (PDF over XML) standard are supported.
  • EDI: ability to generate EDI file according to different coding standards.

Document management

  • Archiving of documents in PDF format.
  • Publication of the generated documents on the corporate portal.
  • Client for the consultation of the generated documents.