Globe is the innovative software platform created by Arket for dematerialization, archiving and management of all your business documents. Our Document Intelligence software is capable to to adapt to the organization and to integrate itself with the existing business application making documents processes lean and controlled.

Archive documents in an intelligent way and find them effortlessly

Globe allows to acquire and index in an automated way every document managed inside the informative system of your company(account receivable, account payable, sales, production, quality, technical office etc.) and any other file managed outside it (manuals, directional documents, HR documents, images, e-mails, powerpoints etc.)

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Once archived into the DMS, the powerful search engine will allow the user to find instantly the needed documents, ensuring the respect of configurated access rules.

Lean and efficient document flows

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The DMS software Globe makes company workflows fast and lean, allowing to reach new management savings, eliminating waste and increasing productivity.

The integrated tool for Workflow assures efficient management and control over events involving documents: Globe allows to manage and organize document processes, giving the possibility to interact with business partners. Every user will be guided in carrying out the activities assigned to him, respecting the order and time required by the process.

Globe simplifies sending every document, and giving the possibility to use digital channels such as: E-mail, certified email, Links, web Portal, Fax.


Globe - not only documents but also information

Globe provides a useful tool for dataview, that allows to represent in graphic and interactive form any information existing inside te DMS or into the informative system, providing to every user KPIs necessary to keep under control and analyze business processes.

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Globe for a new logic of archiving and document management 

The Document Intelligence platform Globe allows to save all your business documents following more structured logic compared to traditional management:

  • The use of search keys, extracted directly from the document or retrieved from external sources, facilitates document retrieval and statistics processing.
  • Each document is associated with different additional information, such as attachments, events, comments.
  • All your documents, and the connected information  will be linked to each other to facilitate navigation and retrieval: possibility to create Links between related documents (e.g. orders, invoices, licenses ecc.) and Dossiers
  • Possibility to customize documents navigation and menus based on the context.
  • User will be able to access the document from different points, even from outside the platform.
  • Guarantees to the user a pleasant user experience and an easy adn fastlearning.

nuova logica archiviazione globe