gdpr globe badge 2xThe General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR - EU Regulation 2016/679), effective from 25 May 2018, has introduced several important innovations regarding the treatment, protection and circulation of personal data: the areas of application are many and involves any company, organization and entity that collects and processes personal data of subjects residing in the EU.


Globe & GDPR

The Globe software will make your company GDPR compliant from two points of view:

  • Globe protects personal data, in compliance with the regulation
  • Globe allows you to manage all processes related to data processing, in line with what is defined within the Register of data processing

How to protect personal data with Globe

Globe protects personal data contained in it in many ways, for example:

  • Full configurability of user permissions, to define which documents and information can be accessed
  • Access log to the DMS
  • Log for viewing, sharing and editing documents
  • Management of password expirations for web accesses
  • Access through Single Sign On and Active Directory
  • Encrypted passwords and database

How to manage processes related to data processing with Globe

The Globe software, relying on the powerful integrated workflow engine, is able to streamline and automate processes related to data processing.

For example you can:

  • Set up automatic workflows for the exchange and processing of documents and information, ensuring that each document follows a precise path, predefined and traceable, and that the responsible users are involved at the right time.
  • Manage the expiration of documents, with the possibility of setting up reminders, notifications and automatic workflows (for example, deleting a document upon reaching the expiry date specified in the Data Processing Register).
  • Automatically group in a dossier (the equivalent of traditional paper folders) all the documents concerning the same person: it becomes easier in this way to respond to a request to delete personal data or to access data
  • Automatically block users who do not use the system for a predefined number of days
  • Set up automatic flows, checklists and dashboards for procedures involving personal data: for example, if new staff are hired, workflows can be created to create personal data, create the necessary documents for recruitment and set the related deadlines. You can also define checklist of actions to be performed and confirmed (creation of the user, delivery of the badge, access credentials etc.), in full compliance with the regulation. On the other hand, when someone changes jobs, there is the possibility to define a checklist of actions to be performed (for example workflow to delete data and personal documents, revoke login credentials, delete personal accounts, etc.)
  • Create, fill in and automatically send documents relating to privacy (for example, policies for employees, suppliers, customers) on the basis of predefined templates, with the possibility of recording the consent provided


The entry into force of the GDPR should be seen by companies as an opportunity to make businesses and business processes secure, digitized and optimized, going to invest in digital solutions that ensure security, automation and full control over documents and business processes.

The use of software such as Globe makes it possible to manage all the procedures relating to documents containing personal data in an easy, safe and intuitive way.