The adoption of Globe as a software tool for corporate document management, guarantees a gradual organizational impact.

By relying on an intelligent document management platform such as Globe, you can cut unnecessary costs and waste related to paper documents and their traditional management:

  • No need to waste time searching for documents, consulting them manually one by one. Globe's powerful search engine will allow you to easily find the documents you need, exactly when you need it, wherever you are, even outside the office.
  • The ability to easily share and exchange documents, both internally and externally, will increase productivity in a tangible way, eliminating activities with little or no added value.
  • Integrated features within the platform will allow you to make the most of your document-related information, create standard and guided workflows, and send notifications to users to reach the fullest possible efficiency in all document activities.
  • Managing documents with Globe software ensures maximum security and access control for every document: each user can only view and interact with documents for which he has permissions, and logs and events will allow to keep control on every action done on the document.