All the security operations are managed by the Globe Console.

Security, proper access and the available actions are guaranteed by a complete configurability:

  • On the companies
  • On Dossiers
  • On documents
    • at the level of the different document types
    • at subsets of document types level
    • at specific privacy characteristics level
    • on the single document
    • on the single document key
  • On Business Partners
    • On types of Business Partners and on their contacts
  • On the items of the Navigation Menu
  • On the configurations
    • Every single configuration voice may be subject to specific authorizations, useful in those companies with very structured IT departments.


Control of user activity and log

Globe allows to keep track of the activities users have done inside the document management system: events related to each single document are reported in detail, signaling the user involved, date, time, action. For example, when a document is emailed via Globe, the "Events" tab shows the user who sent it, when he/she sent it, the recipient and the full mail.


28globe eventi2022

In addition, logs allow you to record who has consulted, edited, added attachments, etc. to a certain document.


AD Integration

Globe allows the Single Sign On “SSO” integrated with Active Directory authentication. Users (and their properties - email, department, phone, etc) import can be automatically read by Domain Controllers.

It is also supported the authentication in Work Group and mixed mode. 


Organizational chart and authorizations

One of the typical problems with security is to maintain it properly updated in time, an expensive and complex operation in case of organizational changes.

Arket, thinking to this aspect, has inserted into its product a tool that allows to draw the organizational structure and to connect it to its authorizations.

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